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Girard reading schedule

We will be reading Rene Girard’s The Scapegoat according to the following schedule:

Week of 15-Jul-2007: Pages 1 to 11 (Ch. 1, 11 pages)
Week of 22-Jul-2007: Pages 12 to 23 (Ch. 2, 12 pages)
Week of 29-Jul-2007: Pages 24 to 33 (Ch. 3a, 10 pages)
Week of 05-Aug-2007: Pages 34 to 44 (Ch. 3b, 11 pages)
Week of 12-Aug-2007: Pages 45 to 56 (Ch. 4, 12 pages)
Week of 19-Aug-2007: Pages 57 to 65 (Ch. 5, 9 pages)
Week of 26-Aug-2007: Pages 66 to 75 (Ch. 6, 10 pages)
Week of 02-Sep-2007: Pages 76 to 87 (Ch. 7a, 12 pages)
Week of 09-Sep-2007: Pages 88 to 99 (Ch. 7b-8, 12 pages)
Week of 16-Sep-2007: Pages 100 to 111 (Ch. 9, 12 pages)
Week of 23-Sep-2007: Pages 112 to 124 (Ch. 10, 13 pages)
Week of 30-Sep-2007: Pages 125 to 137 (Ch. 11a, 13 pages)
Week of 07-Oct-2007: Pages 138 to 148 (Ch. 11b, 11 pages)
Week of 14-Oct-2007: Pages 149 to 158 (Ch. 12a, 10 pages)
Week of 21-Oct-2007: Pages 159 to 169 (Ch. 12b-13a, 11 pages)
Week of 28-Oct-2007: Pages 170 to 183 (Ch. 13b, 14 pages)
Week of 04-Nov-2007: Pages 184 to 197 (Ch. 14, 14 pages)
Week of 11-Nov-2007: Pages 198 to 212 (Ch. 15, 15 pages)


4 Responses to “Girard reading schedule”

  1. Etta R Maroni said

    I loved this! I would like to have this included in my MY Yahoo Pagefor my Quick Access.

  2. Sophie said

    I am new to Girard. I stumbled upon the book while trying to understand office politics. I am a general reader. Hence, altho I am finding the book interesting, I may need help to understand the book. CAn someone help?

  3. Sophie said

    I forgot to add: my email-

  4. joespencer said


    A number of us read the book together some time ago, but I’d be more than happy to help you through anything it I can. Feel free to e-mail me at (without the 9’s).


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