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Chapter 1, Part 1: “Reading Guidelines” and “The Greek Heritage”

Posted by joespencer on February 22, 2008

Ricoeur opens part I of his book with a two-page introduction of sorts, nicely summarized in its final two sentences: “This will be our path: from ‘What?’ to ‘Who?’ passing by way of ‘How?’ From memories to reflective memory, passing by way of recollection.” (p. 4) The “reading guidelines” that then opens the first chapter of the book doubles this projection with a problematic that might ultimately be said to be somewhat Lacanian: “The constant danger of confusing remembering and imagining, resulting from memories becoming images in this way, affects the goal of fiathfulness corresponding to the truth claim of memory. And yet . . . [sic] And yet, we have nothing better than memory to guarantee that something has taken place before we call to mind a memory of it.” (p. 5) Two problematics, then, to get this book started: the distinction (Aristotle’s) between memory as an almost passive experience (I happen to remember something) and the intentional act of recollection; and the knot of memory and imagination. Ricoeur’s take on “the Greek heritage” shows that these two problematics are interconnected. Read the rest of this entry »


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