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Mechanics of the blog

Posted by cherylem on July 19, 2007

Would someone explain to me how to italicize?



3 Responses to “Mechanics of the blog”

  1. Robert C. said


    Check out this link for instructions for doing this in a comment.

    In short, you use the “less-than” sign then “i” then “greater-than” sign for the opening tag. Then you type the text of what you want italicized. Then you type the “less-than” sign, then “/i” (notice the forward slash for this closing tag), then the “greater-than” sign. (If you edit this comment you should be able to see how these italics tags work here.)

    In a post, you can use this “raw code” format only if you click on the “code” tab of the formatting box. Otherwise, you can highlight text you want highlighted and then click the italics button on the menu above the textbox.

    Let me know if you have further problems.

  2. cherylem said

    Thanks. I meant thanks.

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